Coffee Filter Trick

Posted on June 2, 2014 in Brewing Tips

Here is a neat trick when dealing with a collapsed coffee filter. Paper coffee and tea filters typically come in 250 or so count stacks. You may find that the top cluster of paper filters in a large stack is bunched tightly, while those filters toward the bottom of the stack are spread out. Filters that have been crushed in a box of coffee may be distorted. In use, those filters at or near the top have a tendency to collapse inward as water sprinkles over them from the spray head during the brew process. This causes the water then to bypass the filter, taking grinds with it. The result is an undrinkable weak mess, with grinds floating on the finished brewed coffee. Even if you strain the grinds out, the coffee is ruined because it did not steep long enough to get proper extraction.
To prevent this, take a fresh filter and push it inside out — the reverse of the way you would ordinarily put the filter into the basket. Because the filter is now “reversed” there is tension pushing the sides of the filter against the wall of the basket. Water will not get behind the filter and force it down, and you won’t get the mess of a collapsed filter.