3 Gallon Tea Brewer

Integrity. It’s more than just a name. It’s a philosophy. It’s a belief that building the world’s finest tea brewers means using the best designs and the best parts. Each model features our exclusive Ready-To-Brew light and our patented water delivery system. Two foolproof ways to perfect tea, each and every time. The Bloomfield Integrity series, honestly the best.

3 Gallon Tea Brewer Model # 8742-3G - Bloomfield


  • Ready-to-Brew light indicates the proper water temperature to help eliminate the guesswork in brewing.
  • Premium quality thermostat has a full-length sensing bulb that recognizes water temperature accurately and cycles less frequently.
  • Superior spray-head design spreads water over the tea leaves, creating agitation and a floating action that completely saturates the tea leaves to capture the full, rich essence.
  • Unique water valve with built-in flow control and strainer assures consistent operation at 20 - 80 p.s.i.